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HDC Inc. is a power locking, security and component supplier, manufacturer and distributing company.
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15 years ago, HDC Inc. introduced the industries first power locking products. The early POPLocks™ power lock systems met the unique needs of multi-compartment vehicles. POPLocks™ soon found their way to the factories of ambulances, fire trucks, rescue and service vehicles as an O.E.M. option. Our collective experience has brought us to our current developments. We have developed technologies and strategic manufacturing partnerships around the world to bring these new and innovative developments.

Over the years, HDC Inc has grown an innovative product reputation. We produced the first Poplock kits capable of converting any cam lock to power lock. Security and relay controllers pioneered to hold features such as sequential locking technology to reduced power spike and total amperage draw. These types of features draw 70% less amperage and reduce installation costs. Flex Switch allows wireless communication switching, not to mention ease of installation and convenience to users.
2006 HDC Inc will continue to introduce more product throughout the year. Pro Controller II™, Wireless Numeric Keyless Entry, 100% Rubber Bumper™, Top Pop™ tonneau lifting system, and much more. To receive more information on these and other products, please visit our website,

All components are supported directly through HDC Inc’s stellar support via our 877-725-3432. Often used in conjunction with our web based tech support and online trouble shooting guide.

We hope this information will be useful in your endeavors.

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P.O.P. Locks™ is an acronym for Protect Ones' Property. This trademark is recognized through our industry as power locking. These devices were introduced as the worlds first solution to power lock latches that were not power lock capable. These early power locks found their way to the factories of ambulance, fire, rescue and service vehicles as an O.E.M. option.


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MES is the inventor of the central door lock actuator that is now universally accepted as the design and quality standard for others to follow. MES is located near Lugano in Switzerland, a region close to the Alps. The company produces electric motor-driven components that are used by the automotive industry worldwide. In addition to central locking motors, they build products such as air-conditioning actuators, washer pumps and headlamp adjusting motors.


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HDC Inc's new Flat Actuator™ line was introduced in 2006. Just when we thought our products had been simplified, we made them better. Flat Act™ is the new industry standard offering the most utility and is the highest cycle tested actuator in the industry. To allow 100% installation freedom and ease, Flat Act™ features a detachable nosepiece capability. Smaller, thinner profile also allows more install positions. Flat Act™ has greatly reduced the price point compared to our Swiss made alternative.

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