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HDC Inc. is a power locking, security and component supplier, manufacturer and distributing company.
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Security and Relay Controllers

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Top Pop, Compressors, and Components


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___Starting the 2006 New Year in Austin, TX

___Please note our contact information changes:
___Office (512) 301-0303 Fax (512) 301-0320

___Mailing Address:

___Please call for mailing address information

___Email Information:
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___To place an order:

___P.O.'s are placed by fax only. We do not accept phone orders.
___If you are unsure about the products you need, feel free to call
___and ask for the sales department.

___We accept credit cards - Visa or Mastercard only.

___For more information on HDC Inc's terms, please see the how
___to buy link on the left margin.

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